See the 21 Day Fix EXTREME Results

If you’ve already crushed 21 Day Fix – or any other Beachbody On Demand program — and you’re looking for your next challenge, here it is: 21 Day Fix EXTREME.

Autumn dials up the intensity in the workouts in this program to help you get to the next level in your fitness and nutrition game.

To make sure you’re getting the most out her programs, check out Autumn’s nutrition program, Ultimate Portion Fix.

The program includes 30 videos that feature in-depth discussions about portion control and healthy eating principles. You’ll also get access to updated 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts.

In the meantime, see the incredible results people have experienced with 21 Day Fix EXTREME!

Pro tip: These results are from the original 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts; learn more here about the real-time re-shoots of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix … Read the rest

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21 Day Fix Breakfast Recipes

A healthy, balanced breakfast is a great way to set your day up for success.

That said, for some people, making sound nutrition decisions right after rolling out of bed isn’t ideal.

The answer: This roundup of 21 Day Fix recipes.

You don’t have to think — at the beginning of the week, just pick whatever appeals to your tastebuds and do some meal prepping.

Pro tip: Check out these other 21 Day Fix-approved recipe roundups for lunch and dinner.

21 Day Fix Breakfast Recipes

FIXATE Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal Muffins + Fresh Start Smoothie

Skip the sugary store-bought muffins and make these Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal Muffins instead.

This recipe appears in the FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese and her brother, Bobby.

Pair these muffins with a delicious green Shakeology like this Fresh Start Smoothie and you’ll be well on your way to crushing your day!… Read the rest

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Stress Constipation and How to Prevent It

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Poop or get off the toilet.”

While this is fine advice for a serial procrastinator, it’s the last thing you want to hear if you’re constipated.

In fact, constipation is no joking matter as it can lead to serious health issues, including skin issues, fecal impaction, hemorrhoids, or even more severe colon issues.

Common knowledge usually points us to one of three solutions if you’re blocked: increase your magnesium, water, or fiber intake.

These are all strong solutions and, for some, simply increasing a combination of these three may resolve the issue fairly quickly.

But there are still many people who may suffer despite trying these common solutions, so what then?

There are a few other things that can cause constipation, including various pathogens (parasites, bacteria, fungus). It could be that you’re eating a diet that isn’t suited to your biological needs.

Or perhaps … Read the rest

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Zina Lost 76 Pounds in 1 Year

Yo-yo dieting and lack of confidence kept Zina from becoming the healthy, fit woman she wanted to become.

With 21 Day Fix and Portion-Control Containers, and other Beachbody On Demand programs, now she’s in control of her diet and fitness and feels “like a kid again!”

Read about Zina’s journey here:

Zina’s Life, Before

“Before doing the Beachbody Challenge I felt tired, unmotivated, angry, heavy, hopeless, and lacked confidence. It was a new year, I had just had my second baby, and a move to a new town was in the near future.

I hated the skin I was in and as much as I wanted to lose the weight, I wasn’t confident enough to step inside a gym.

I also didn’t have my nutrition under control. I was yo-yo dieting; eating healthy one day and back to eating junk the next. I needed help. Not having the proper … Read the rest

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See the Beachbody Performance Energize Results

We’ve all been there: It’s one of those days that seems to last for weeks, and you just can’t seem to muster the energy or motivation to “press play” on your workout.

Drinking Beachbody Performance Energize before you train can help give you the energy you need to light that fire and help you C-R-U-S-H that workout.*

With its combination of three key ingredients — beta-alanine, caffeine, and quercetin — Energize can help make working out feel easier and help you work out harder.*

And now, you can enjoy Energize in two flavors: lemon and fruit punch!

(Pro tip: Learn more about how Energize works and the results of the clinical study we conducted on its efficacy here.)

See how Beachbody’s pre-workout supplement — Energize — helped these folks power through their workouts and get amazing results:*

Sarah B. Lost 61.6 Pounds in 10 Months

“I … Read the rest

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Darlene Lost 84 Pounds in 15 Months

When Darlene found the Beachbody On Demand community, she realized she wasn’t alone in her struggle to get healthy and fit.

With the help of 2B Mindset and programs like YouV2, SHIFT SHOP, CIZE, and 80 Day Obsession, Darlene got in tune with her body and achieved the goals she never thought she could.

Read more about her amazing journey:

Darlene’s Life, Before

“I tried my best to be body-positive, but the truth of the matter was I [was] miserable in the skin I was in. I felt like everything in my life was at an all-time low. I was depressed. My career was plummeting fast. I was in an abusive relationship, which didn’t help with my self-esteem.

As far as my health was concerned, it seemed like no matter how long or hard I exercised I couldn’t keep my weight in a healthy range.

My doctor told me I … Read the rest

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How to Meditate Every Day

Believe it or not, I can teach you how to meditate in less than a minute.

You don’t need a complicated method. You don’t need an elaborate breathing technique. You don’t need an unpronounceable mantra.

Instead, just look up at the sky or out the window and take that moment to center yourself. Take a few deep breaths, and step outside the drama of the day. Try this for 30 seconds.

Did you try it? Congratulations. You just meditated!

You’ve just gained a valuable tool to help you deal with the stress of daily life.

Meditation is a very natural thing. It’s something people used to do all the time without even knowing it.

Any time you’re just hanging out by yourself, sitting on the subway, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or standing in line at the supermarket is an opportunity to meditate.

Of course, if your mind is racing … Read the rest

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2B Mindset Vegetarian Recipes

If you’re a vegetarian — or just trying to eat more vegetables — it can be a struggle to find recipes that are vegetarian and delicious.

We’ve got your back, veggie lovers: We’ve pulled together 15 flavorful, delicious vegetarian recipes, from paella and pizza to frittatas and tacos.

Bonus: They’re all 2B Mindset-approved!

And make sure to check out and share our other 2B Mindset recipe roundups:

2B Mindset Breakfast Recipes

2B Mindset Lunch Recipes

2B Mindset Dinner Recipes

2B Mindset Snack Recipes

Get started with 2B Mindset today!

2B Mindset Vegetarian Recipes

1. Barbecue Spaghetti Squash Sliders

Spaghetti squash absorbs the flavors you add to it, so mimicking succulent barbecue pork starts with adding your favorite healthy barbecue sauce and spices like cumin and paprika — try a dash of cayenne pepper for extra kick.

The combination of flavors and textures creates a convincing, plant-based version of pulled … Read the rest

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How to Make Your Best Shake

There’s something about a healthy, well-made shake that’s so… satisfying.

But the “perfect shake” means different things to different people: For some, the perfect shake is just water, ice, and a few basic ingredients.

For others, it may be an elaborate combination of fruits, veggies, nut butters, and add-ins like chia seeds, spices, and toasted coconut.

Whatever your shake jam is, it’s important to make sure you’re putting in healthy ingredients in the right amounts that help fuel your body.

Here on the Beachbody Blog, we’ve got hundreds of delicious Shakeology recipes, but we get it, sometimes you just want to improvise.

So, to help you get your creative blending juices going, we created this Shakeology recipe template to help you make your best shake.

Print it out, stick it on the fridge, or Pin it!

Pro tip: The “too much of a good thing” struggle is real

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Lori Lost 107 Pounds in 2.75 Years

The day Lori decided she was done being held back by her weight, she made the first step toward her new future.

She crushed 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, ChaLEAN Extreme, SHIFT SHOP, Shaun Week, Clean Week, AND FOCUS T25.

In the process, she got stronger and more confident and created a new, healthy relationship with food.

Read more about Lori’s amazing transformation:

Lori’s Life, Before

“I have been overweight my entire adult life.

I gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy and then 60 more pounds after that. With each child, I gained more and more weight.

I hated my body. I hated mirrors. I never wore nice clothes or jewelry because I didn’t want anyone to see me. I never had the energy to do anything with my kids. Even taking them to the park was a challenge. I’d take them … Read the rest

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