Chocolate Recover Zucchini Bread Smoothie

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Our new Recover 18 single-serve packets come in chocolate whey and make it convenient to support muscle recovery after your workout. 

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A warm, freshly baked slice of zucchini bread can’t be beat.

Unless, of course, you blend up this lip-smacking Chocolate Zucchini Bread Smoothie.

To get a delectable chocolatey flavor, this recipe uses a scoop of Beachbody Performance Chocolate Recover. Add in almond milk, a banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and an ENTIRE zucchini, and you’ve got a healthy, delicious shake that tastes just like the real thing.

(And if you’re a card-carrying … Read the rest

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Brittany H. Lost 158 Pounds in 1 Year

It was a photo of herself speaking at a public event that was the turning point for Brittany.

At that moment, she made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Brittany brought her A-game to the challenge and lost 158 pounds in ONE YEAR.

Even better: She’s happy every single day. Happy that she feels better, that she can run around with her kids, that she is the one who made it happen.

Learn more about her amazing journey:

Brittany’s Life, Before

“Before starting Beachbody I was very angry all the time.

I was so unhappy that I would cry almost daily because of how I felt. I had zero energy and would get out of breath by walking up the four steps to get into the house.

I hated how I felt, how I looked, and I constantly felt as if I was being judged any time that … Read the rest

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