Candice B. Lost 189 Pounds in 2.3 Years

Before Candice made the decision to take control of her health and her life, she felt “trapped in an unhappy and unhealthy body.”

But she committed to making positive changes and pushed herself to complete several Beachbody programs, including T25, 21 Day Fix, and CORE DE FORCE.

And her hard paid off in spades: Candice lost an incredible 189 pounds, but more importantly, she feels healthy, strong, and confident.

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Candice’s Life, Before

“Before I started Beachbody programs, my life was a blur. I lived in constant worry about my health. I knew my weight had spiraled out of control but did not know how to change.

I lived in fear that I would break a chair, that I smelled bad, that people would not accept me in my career for the way I looked. Walking up a flight of stairs caused … Read the rest

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See the Morning Meltdown 100 Results

Morning Meltdown 100 is the newest workout program from Beachbody Super Trainer and CORE DE FORCE co-creator Jericho McMatthews.

With Jericho’s guidance, the 100 workouts give you 100 opportunities to work on yourself  — and reap the rewards of working out in the morning.

These folks took the challenge and C-R-U-S-H-E-D Morning Meltdown 100 — see their amazing transformations for yourself!

Pro tip: Find out more about Morning Meltdown 100 and Jericho McMatthews.

Natasha P. Lost 40 Pounds†

“Before starting Morning Meltdown 100, I felt embarrassed about how I looked. I did not want to go out in public or be in photos with my kids.

I felt ashamed that I had gained so much weight. I was tired all the time and just unhappy and depressed.

I. LOVE. JERICHO! I love how she is so positive and relatable and badass at the same time. I want to … Read the rest

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See the Beachbody Challenge Winners!

They achieved mind-blowing fitness transformations with Beachbody’s proven system of fitness, nutrition, and support, and your votes helped them win $100,000 each and the title of “Grand Prize Champion” in the Beachbody Challenge contest 2018-2019.

This year’s $100,000 Grand Prize Champions are Hannah Day, a mother of two from Illinois, and Chris Pandolfo, a father of two from the United Kingdom!

Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Champions

Hannah Day Lost 117 Pounds in 11.5 Months!

Hannah’s incredible transformation came about courtesy of 21 Day FixShakeology, and almost a year of consistent effort with the support of her Coach, Taylor Macklin.

“21 Day Fix is amazing! I did [seven] rounds of it. It was simple to follow, and it broke down what I needed to do to succeed. The portion-control containers were exactly what I needed to help me understand portions and what kind of foods I should … Read the rest

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Chris P. Lost 168 Pounds in 1.6 Years

Chris decided that his family deserved a healthy and happy husband and father.

With hard work, CORE DE FORCE, 80 Day Obsession, and Transform: 20, Chris turned his life around, mentally and physically.

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Chris’ Life, Before

“In 2017, I was 35 and it is hard to explain how depressed I had become. Working 100 hour weeks as a security officer, I felt increasingly isolated from my wife and two young daughters.

I felt ashamed of my huge body; I couldn’t even see my feet over my belly. I could barely bring myself to look in the mirror, such was my disgust for what I saw.

I hated myself. My mental state was reflected by my physical condition, and I looked like death. I was waiting to die.

I had felt this way for such a long time, a decade before the … Read the rest

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Sarah H. Lost 38 Pounds in 5 Months

Sarah’s Life, Before

Prior to beginning 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, and 80 Day Obsession, I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

I felt the confidence that I once had begun to dwindle. As a mom of two small children, a wife, a full-time teacher, and a student working toward completing my Master of Education in Counseling, I somehow lost myself in all of the chaos.

I was too tired to get down and play with my children on the floor and was a poor example as I sat on the couch and ate junk food or typed on my computer with a bag of chips or candy in front of me.

On a daily basis, my body ached and I complained of headaches and discomfort. At the heaviest weight I had ever been (apart from being pregnant), I no longer recognized myself in pictures.… Read the rest

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See the Ultimate Portion Fix Results

Portion control is a key part of eating healthy.

But what does a healthy portion look like? Is it different for proteins, fats, and carbs? And what about treats?!

All excellent questions and Ultimate Portion Fix can help you get answers for those questions and more. And here’s visual proof of what Ultimate Portion Fix can help you achieve!

Melanie B. Lost 12 Pounds†

“I am an emotional eater and I’ve often gotten to the point where I’d overeat as a way to punish myself. I’d also go for long hours without eating, and then gorge myself to the point of being in pain physically.

The Ultimate Portion Fix videos are gold. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the word ‘diet,’ so I like that Autumn works to change your mindset about what a diet means and what a diet consists of.

Autumn really cemented the reasons WHY it’s … Read the rest

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Tabitha L. Lost 121 Pounds in 1.5 Years

Tabitha wanted to set a good example for her six kids, but she struggled to lose the baby weight.

But with the help of her Team Beachbody Coach/mom, Tabitha did it.

She absolutely crushed tough Beachbody workouts like T25, CORE DE FORCE, 80 Day Obsession, and several others.

The result: Tabitha lost 121 pounds and got her life back — now she can run around with her kids, she finished a 5K (!), and is the role model she always wanted to be for her kids.

Read more about her incredible journey:

Tabitha’s Life, Before

“As a mom of six, I struggled with my weight from the time I gave birth to my now-17-year-old.

I continued to gain weight after each kid and I tried so many quick-fix methods. If it could get me quick results without me having to change my eating habits or working out, … Read the rest

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Kim P. Lost 154 Pounds in 16 Months

Kim’s journey started when she decided that she was no longer going to let her weight dictate how she lived her life.

She was determined to set a good example for her children and set them up for success.

With the help of 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, Kim lost 154 pounds and is now in the best shape of her life!

Read more about her amazing journey.

Kim’s Life, Before

“Before I started this journey, I was morbidly obese and struggling physically and emotionally. I felt like I was always being judged due to my size.

I hated seeing myself in pictures because I couldn’t believe what I had let myself become.

I felt like a hypocrite at work. I’m a physician assistant and part of my job is to counsel my patients on their health. But who was I to give any kind of health advice while weighing … Read the rest

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Brittany H. Lost 158 Pounds in 1 Year

It was a photo of herself speaking at a public event that was the turning point for Brittany.

At that moment, she made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Brittany brought her A-game to the challenge and lost 158 pounds in ONE YEAR.

Even better: She’s happy every single day. Happy that she feels better, that she can run around with her kids, that she is the one who made it happen.

Learn more about her amazing journey:

Brittany’s Life, Before

“Before starting Beachbody I was very angry all the time.

I was so unhappy that I would cry almost daily because of how I felt. I had zero energy and would get out of breath by walking up the four steps to get into the house.

I hated how I felt, how I looked, and I constantly felt as if I was being judged any time that … Read the rest

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See the 21 Day Fix EXTREME Results

If you’ve already crushed 21 Day Fix – or any other Beachbody On Demand program — and you’re looking for your next challenge, here it is: 21 Day Fix EXTREME.

Autumn dials up the intensity in the workouts in this program to help you get to the next level in your fitness and nutrition game.

To make sure you’re getting the most out her programs, check out Autumn’s nutrition program, Ultimate Portion Fix.

The program includes 30 videos that feature in-depth discussions about portion control and healthy eating principles. You’ll also get access to updated 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts.

In the meantime, see the incredible results people have experienced with 21 Day Fix EXTREME!

Pro tip: These results are from the original 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts; learn more here about the real-time re-shoots of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix … Read the rest

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