How to Cross-Train With Beachbody On Demand Workouts

If you want to become good at something, it makes sense to do it as much as possible.

Running makes you better at running. Cycling makes you better at cycling. And swimming makes you better at swimming.

But here’s the thing: Occasionally doing something different can make you even better at your primary sport.

Athletes call it cross-training, and the science behind it is simple: Engaging in a sport or activity other than your primary one allows you to use your muscles in new and unaccustomed ways — or emphasize different ones altogether.

Not only can that result in fewer overuse injuries, but it can also help iron out muscle imbalances, improve athletic performance, and boost motivation by reducing training monotony and boredom.

So how should you go about cross-training?

Consider what follows your go-to guide for what it is, how you can weave it into your workout program, and … Read the rest

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