LONDON (Reuters) – The whole invoice related to the oil spill drifting towards Louisiana from a well operated by BP Plc within the Gulf of Mexico, could exceed $14 billion, analysts said.

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Interviews with rig employees conducted as a part of BP’s inner investigation into the explosion indicate that a methane gas bubble escaped from the effectively and expanded rapidly because it shot up the drill column, a collection of events that included the failure of the blowout preventer and explosion of the rig.

Don’t spend a cent of your laborious-earned cash to feed the bottom line of a company that has a sordid history of negligence, willfully violates surroundings regulations, and is spewing hundreds and thousands of barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico,” that will trigger everlasting widespread contamination and an finish to the way of life for thousands area residents.

Now with an actual emergency, untested blowout preventers are nonetheless used, and no new rules are anticipated or enforcement of existing ones, regardless of tons of of working Gulf rigs (some in deeper waters than Deepwater Horizon), any of which could leak, perhaps explode, and launch extra contamination.

BP spent Sunday trying to find out easy methods to proceed with the large steel-and-concrete containment dome, after it obtained clogged with crystallized gas 5,000 ft beneath the surface. This massive oil spill demonstrates the urgent have to transition to wash renewable energy varieties.

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The oil nicely pouring a river of crude into the Gulf of Mexico didn’t have the conventional kind of remote-management shut-off swap utilized in Norway and the UK as last-resort protection against underwater spills, largely as a result of the oil corporations themselves are answerable for “voluntary” compliance with safety and environmental requirements. Medicines help us dwell longer and healthier.


BP now produces about 450,000 barrels a day of oil equivalent within the Gulf of Mexico, about 12 % of its whole. Last yr, CEO Hayward boasted that, despite elevated oil production in unique deep waters, he had reduce BP’s costs by an extra one billion dollars a yr.

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